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Achieve total darkness

To achieve a high level of darkness in your room with the best aesthetic results, careful planning is needed. 

Not all blackout window coverings are made equal

motorized blackout blinds

Why choose blackout window coverings?

Light is the most important external factor affecting readiness for sleep. Blackout blinds block all incoming light, creating the perfect atmosphere to promote relaxation and sleep.


Things to consider before buying blackout window coverings

Blackout shades don't let daylight in when they are completely lowered; Consider your privacy needs during the day. They also block UV rays from entering your room, thus making it noticeably cooler.


How dark do you really want your room to be?

Does it need to be pitch black for you to be able to nap during the day? Keep in mind that some shades may leave small light gaps on each side, depending on how they are installed. when they are completely lowered. They provide you with the highest level of privacy, whether during the day or night

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