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Easy-to-Clean Window Coverings

Find out which blinds & shades are the easiest to clean without compromising your style

Not only are window coverings are important to a home, but they also serve a number of purposes. Whether you’re looking for added privacy, light-filtering options, or want to decorate your windows, there is a style for you. In all the excitement of choosing new window décor, some often overlook one key element; how easy or difficult will it be to keep my blinds clean?

Benefits of low maintenance window coverings:

  1. You’re busy! Why spend time washing and cleaning your new blinds or curtains?

  2. With less accumulation or dirt and grime, and less wear and tear of regular washing, your window coverings can last longer, saving you money.

  3. Great for high-traffic or high humidity areas

So you’ve decided you want to explore easier to clean window coverings? Great, take a look at your best options! 

Vertical Blinds

Often considered to be the best choice for hassle-free cleaning. Attracting very little dust, the vertical slats are very easily kept clean with the occasional passing of a vacuum or duster.


Roller Blinds

Amazingly, one of the most popular options is also one of the easiest to clean. The flat roller material of these blinds naturally attract minimal dust. For easy cleaning, when the roller shade is drawn down, simply use a duster or vacuum to wipe away any dust or particles. Spot cleaning with a warm, damp cloth is also a simple and effective way to remove any dust or dirt. Once you’re done, wipe the blinds dry with a clean cloth, and you’re ready to raise them again.


Faux Wood Blinds

Although these blinds require a little more time and attention than the previous two, Faux Wood Blinds are still a great easy-to-clean option. For regular maintenance, and to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt, vacuum or dust your Faux Wood's regularly. This will help prevent significant buildup.

It is also suggested from time to time to clean each slat with a lightly soapy and dampened microfiber cloth, wiping each slat, starting from the top.


Panel Track Blinds

Excellent option for large windows and sliding doors, panel track blinds are also as simple to keep clean as Roller Shades. Simply vacuum or pass over with a duster to remove any surface dust. Spot cleaning with a warm, damp cloth is also safe, when needed.

Winner for Most Energy Efficient

Did you know that heating and cooling can be lost through your windows, and much easier through taller or larger windows? If energy efficiency is a concern, Cellular Shades are perfect for you. Designed to trap air, cellular shades add a layer of insulation, saving you energy costs.

Add a level of Sophistication with Roman Shades

With a wide range of colors, fabrics, and opacities, our selection of Roman Shades are perfectly suited to accentuate the elegance of your tall windows.

A note on motorization

All our offered styles can be motorized, giving you peace of mind from dangerous cords, and allowing you to easily control your blinds via an app on your smartphone or tablet, a remote control, or a wall-mounted switch.
Although not required, motorization can be a game-changer when considering window coverings for hard-to-reach windows (making it more difficult to open and close the shade regularly), and tall windows (heavier fabrics can be challenging to manually raise and lower).

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