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Comfort + intimacy start with customizable privacy

Whether the front of your home faces a main road, is overlooked by other houses or you simply need your privacy for when the daylight fades, we all have a need for blinds and window coverings.

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The matter of privacy when selecting blinds and window coverings is too often overlooked. Many don’t realize they can use the additional privacy features until they have them, are offered them, or realize they need them.

Why choose Shades and Blinds with enhanced privacy features?

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their home. Blinds and window coverings will make you feel like you have a private and secure place when you can let loose and be yourself. 


Situations where you may be grateful for some additional privacy

When buying blinds, we always suggest considering the below situations. If any of them are representative of your living space, you may appreciate enhanced privacy options.


Is your main room, such as your dining or living room facing the street?: Is there a lot of foot traffic outside your home? Can passers-by look in?​


Is your bathroom or bedroom window facing neighbors or street? With bedrooms, we think of blackout as just a way to keep the room darkened for sleep, but both bedrooms and bathrooms being such personal spaces, the added privacy is always encouraged.

Orion’s best options for added privacy

FAQs - Privacy

Q: What are the best blinds for privacy?

A: Some styles offer more privacy than others due to the type of material, fabric or operating features. Book a free consultation with a specialist to see all the options and styles available. 

Q: How can I keep natural light but have privacy in my home?

A: You can enjoy both natural light and privacy with top-down, bottom-up blinds. They are a great solution as you can open your blind from the top, bottom, or anywhere in between for flexible privacy and light control. See all options available to you in-store or virtually

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