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Every shape is a good shape

Differently shaped windows are often used decoratively in homes. Although they may seem tricky to cover, there are options! At Store Orion, our team is equipped to deal with any type of window treatment installation, so you don't have to


Angled Windows

Angled windows are very commonly found in contemporary homes. For Angled Windows, we offer a large selection of operable and inoperable blinds, depending on your needs.

Choose from a wide range of colors and designs that add both style and practical features for privacy and light control with manual and motorized options.


Solutions for Rounded Windows

Depending on the shape and style, the blinds may or may not be inoperable. Since oddly-shaped windows are usually built in to areas strictly for décor purposes and not for workability, this won’t like pose much of an issue.


Solutions for Skylight Windows

Adding a skylight is a great way to make a room brighter and more open but sometimes all that sunlight can be too much to handle. At Store Orion, we have a range of skylight blind options that can help filter harsh UV rays and prevent your room from overheating. Book a free consultation with a design expert to go over all your options available.


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