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Window covering solutions for tall windows

Although the general consensus about homes is the more windows the better, sometimes, this can be tricky. Taller windows, while beautiful and coveted, often come with one major challenge; what kind of coverings are  best for my windows? Which product will allow me the versatility of natural light and privacy? What’s the most convenient mechanism for raising and lowering heavier, larger blinds?

Whether your concern is privacy from an inaccessible hallway window, or preserving the light and view from your tall windows, our window specialists can guide you through the many options at your disposal.


Considerations for tall and hard-to-reach windows


Choose a blind that doesn’t require daily attention
With windows that are less conveniently accessible, regular cleaning and dusting comes with it’s challenges. For this, we recommend fabrics and shades that do not accumulate dust and dirt, keeping them looking clean and working well.

Higher quality makes all the difference!
Especially when talking about hard-to-reach windows, fabric quality and resistance is of utmost importance. The fabric and style of blind should be durable, and made of superior material, sturdy enough to withstand daily direct sunlight and heat.


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